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My sister: Part 3

Next week Wednesday, myself and all the other girls in our family will be traveling to Buffalo to say goodbye to our (daughter, sister and friend). She’s leaving for 8 months! While it’s going to be sad, she’s going to have a great time and we’ll be praying for her safe return in due time.

Here’s the last of our session together:

LOVE this shot. I couldn’t decide between this or the black and white, but the great rusty colors here won out.

Thanks K, for being such aΒ  great sister and a fantastic auntie to my girls…we’re going to miss you so much! Have fun and don’t miss us too much πŸ˜‰


My sister: Part 2

Sooo I saw this truck…and I almost drove over a curb. We were in downtown Hamilton, randomly driving around hoping to find a cool location to take some more pics, where we could be a little more protected from the wind.

I was so happy with this great find, and all around it we kept finding more great locations. If anyone ever wants a more urban-type shoot, I will happily drive around Hamilton with you to find some awesome locations!

Isn’t it great? Bright orange, rusty and vines growing around the tires…so cool.

Kiks Storyboard 2 Image

With her new Chihuahua, Jude πŸ™‚

Kiks Photo Session

When I was looking through the images as they were uploading to my computer, I saw the next one and could’ve sworn it was me…

Kiks Photo Session

Kiks Photo Session

It’s official now, she’s booked her trip, and she’s leaving us in less than 3 weeks 😦

On the bright side, lucky her, getting to be in Australia this whole winter. We’re going to miss you this Christmas though Kiks. Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do πŸ˜‰

The last post is coming soon, at an old Coca Cola building…it’s really sweet!

My sister: Part 1

I have decided to break down all these images from my beautiful sister’s session into three parts, so here is part 1.

We started in Burlington, at an old abandoned garage. I loved the peeling blue paint and the great texture we got here. There was a problem with incredibly high winds, as I’ve mentioned before, but we worked through it, and it made for lots of laughs as hair and leaves flew around and whipped us in the face… πŸ˜› But as long as she kept her hair in place and I kept from shaking from the cold, we managed to get these images, which I love.

Kiks Photo Session

Kiks Photo Session

I love how her scarf adds some great punchy color in the next one:

Kiks Photo Session

Kiks Photo Session

From there we drove just down the road, on our way to getting lost(!), when we came across this great building. I love the classic lines, not that you can see much of the building in these images. I loved too many of these to narrow them down any further, so I put them in this storyboard.

Kiks Storyboard 5 Image

Thanks for looking πŸ™‚

Part 2 coming soon.

Sneak Peek – Belly Session

So it has been a crazy busy week, but I know they are waiting so here are two fantastic images for now!

C is one beautiful momma-to-be and was willing to try anything!Thanks to her hubby, who followed her lead and grabbed whatever we needed and smiled when asked. It was so nice to work with adults who do exactly what you wantΒ  (instead of kids who just make you follow them around in hopes of a smile =D …oh, they rule the world and they know it!)

Here she is:

B & C Belly Session190_bv copy

and another I love so much:

B & C Belly Session146_sunsetsilhouette copy

There were so many great images, we will definitely be posting more!

Thanks again guys, it was great working with you!

Moments captured

This year Greg and I went up to Chesley Lake again with our family…this includes my Opa and Oma, 4 of my Mom’s siblings and their families. It’s quite a gathering! We all have our own cottages but we often go boating together or shopping, maybe visit Sauble Beach and every night we enjoy t-ball, baseball and volleyball in the centre of the camp.

We have been going here for a long time, I believe close to 25 years?! The moments captured here are ones that we all hold close to our hearts, and it’s so wonderful to see the families growing up together.

I wanted to share some of the images that really spoke to me.

Chesley Lake 2009_ (8) copy

Ahhh, early morning…realities of having young kids on holidays. At least you can enjoy the morning sun!


Here Kyara is spending some time with her (second) fave guy in the world…Uncle Malachi (or Chi-Chi). She copies everything he does and follows him everywhere like a little puppy dog. It’s so cute!

Chesley Lake 2009_ (21)

This was taken around 9/10 pm. Summer days last forever!

And last but not least, this image from Sauble Beach. I love it!

Chesley Lake 2009_(53) copy

Now not all of these were even taken by me, as my camera seemed to get passed around a bit :-S

But I love all the surprises I got when I uploaded my pictures. And now I can’t wait to go back again!

Tamsen β™₯

Christmas already?!

What am I talking about?!

Well lately I have been really busy…with Christmas card designs. I have been doing some announcements as well for some newborn sessions we have coming up, but mostly a LOT of Christmas card designs.

Christmas is a busy season and I need to get as much of my work out of the way as possible, so I can actually enjoy it πŸ™‚ And I have been really enjoying making these cards, even as I find myself humming Christmas carols in July!

So I had a great idea….why not offer these cards FREE to anyone who books a session before October 10th?
That way, both you and we will be nice and organized come Christmas time, with the family photos done and the cards ready to mail. No rushing around= better Christmas for you and me πŸ™‚
Contact us for details…

Here is a new favorite of mine:


Family Session on the Beach

Just a little slideshow of some of my favourite images