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Bigger IS Better!!

Check out this fabulous article by Amy Ro Photography.


It’s amazing how small an 8×10 print really is! I think everyone is afraid of large sizes. I recently ordered a 16×24 canvas, thinking it would be HUGE! Then I hung it up….lol. It looks tiny. I think I am going to order two more to go on either side to make it look a little more substantial. I will definitely learn from my mistakes 🙂

Hopefully this article enlightens everyone so they don’t make the same mistakes I did!


My little bro

I have been wanting to take some pictures of my little brother for a while now, and finally got around to it while he was on Christmas holidays. I couldn’t believe how great he was! He did as I asked, gave genuine smiles and was just perfect to photograph! I think maybe 6 years old is my new favorite age! I absolutely LOVED so many of his images, and we got them all in about 10 minutes in my parents living room!

Isn’t he just the cutest little guy?! I love him to bits 🙂

Well, I guess this marks the last post of 2009! It’s been a wonderful year and we are so thankful to the LORD for the care and guidance we have received from HIM. We have been blessed both in our personal life and business life. We’d also like to thank all of our clients, and wish you all a Happy New Year! Next year promises to be amazing!

I am looking forward to becoming an aunt again in May, when Steff is expecting her second little bundle 🙂 I can’t wait! We also have lots going on with a whole new re-branding effort with our business and have a new website to launch as well. It’s going to be busy!

So it’s goodbye to (if you are a client and have perfect eyesight, you may be able to spot one of your images in there :-P)

Welcome 2010!!

The D Family Mini-Session

John Calvin Christian School in Smithville holds a Winterfest every year in the fall. It’s a great community event, full of fun activities and great food, lots of games and shopping to be done. This year Steff and I donated a mini-session to the Silent Auction and we were excited to meet the winner!

This is the D Family: here’s a few from their mini-session!

Thanks guys! I know it was cold (ok, freezing!) but you were great!

The R Family Session

This wonderful family contacted us to take some relaxed family portraits and we had so much fun with them! We were given a tour of the house by sweet little C and J had us cracking up with his funny faces and squeaky shoes, and his incredible excitement whenever their dog, Scar, came by, was just hilarious!

We spent most of our time outside, even though it was freezing!, and the kids were just troopers!

Thanks so much for having us down, and for a wonderful afternoon! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Isn’t she just adorable?!

This one cracks me up…look at that lip!

Sweet baby J….I could eat him up. He was so good, and so adorable. Look at those cheeks 🙂

I loved this chair! It has great color, great texture, and best of all, it meant something to their family. It belonged to these kiddies dad when he was a kid, and I thought it was so sweet to include personal items like this in their session.

The J Family Session

This session was in the works for a while now, but due to farming schedules, and the rain we had all summer it was rescheduled a number of times. Finally it took place on a beautiful Saturday in November. We were lucky enough to get some beautiful sunshine and warm 16 degree temperatures!

This is my aunt and her hubby with their six beautiful children. They are all so fun, sweet and gorgeous! I was looking forward to this session for a long time, I knew it would be a lot of fun, and they didn’t prove me wrong!

Well, enough chit-chat, on to the photos:

D&L Family Session

This family session took place at the beach in beautiful Spencer Smith Park, after the R&J family session I blogged about earlier. This couple and their beautiful children are part of our close group of friends and it all started back in high school.

L is the most vibrant, loving and thoughtful person you’ll ever meet. She was always the bubbly, energetic kid who chatted constantly. She is so sweet and genuine, if you know her, you love her. Her hubby is the perfect match for her in his calm, practical and smart ways. They are always so fun to be with and L & I have spent hours discussing how to best raise our children or grow our gardens 😉

Here is their beautiful family:

D&L Family Storyboard

Their daughter K, has a special friend named Bobo and he had to be in a few pictures…

(p.s. check out those eyelashes on the second image…gorgeous!)

D&L Family Storyboard 2

J&R Family Session

Steff and I are part of a close group of four girls that bonded in the last year of high school. From different areas and different groups of friends, the four of us found each other and our different personalities all somehow clicked and balanced each other to create a friendship that has lasted years; through graduation, college, jobs, marriages and kids. Without these friends I don’t know where we’d be. Our husbands all get along so great and the kids love to play together. It actually seems as our families grow larger, we see each other more 🙂

Recently we took these two beautiful families out on a somewhat chilly day for family sessions. The results are beautiful and maybe a little more so to us as they represent people we love so much.

I’ll start with J&R and their sweet little munchkin. She is just over 1 year and such a tiny little thing! She was born the exact same weight as my daughter Eden (7 lbs, 1 oz), and is actually 6 days older, and now she’s about half of Eden’s size 🙂

J&R Family Session

J&R Family Session

This one just makes me laugh…

J&R Family Session

Next year we will be drawing another little one in the sand… yay!

J&R Family Session

J&R Family Session

J&R Family Session

I’ll be posting D&L’s Family Session this week as well…stay tuned 🙂