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My baby girls

Just wanted to share a few images I recently snapped of my gorgeous girls.

I was attempting to get some shots of the headbands in particular, as I  have been selling them to a local gift shoppe and will also be selling them at a Mom to Mom show in March

(come check it out! we’ll be featuring our photography there as well! more info can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=mom2mom+show&init=quick#/event.php?eid=236094944115&index=1 )

These images turned out better than I hoped. Kyara, now 3, is definitely a photographers daughter and pretty much refuses to acknowledge the camera most of the time, while Eden, 17 months, normally won’t sit still for half a second! However, I guess this was my lucky day. I caught Kyara in a goofy mood and distracted Eden with her favorite pink necklace.

I love these images as they really show my girls personality.

This weekend, we also had a fun session with a gorgeous two month old baby girl. What a wee little doll, she’s still only 8 pounds! I’ll make sure to get some pictures up this week, before we leave for our cruise! (so excited!!)


My little bro

I have been wanting to take some pictures of my little brother for a while now, and finally got around to it while he was on Christmas holidays. I couldn’t believe how great he was! He did as I asked, gave genuine smiles and was just perfect to photograph! I think maybe 6 years old is my new favorite age! I absolutely LOVED so many of his images, and we got them all in about 10 minutes in my parents living room!

Isn’t he just the cutest little guy?! I love him to bits 🙂

Well, I guess this marks the last post of 2009! It’s been a wonderful year and we are so thankful to the LORD for the care and guidance we have received from HIM. We have been blessed both in our personal life and business life. We’d also like to thank all of our clients, and wish you all a Happy New Year! Next year promises to be amazing!

I am looking forward to becoming an aunt again in May, when Steff is expecting her second little bundle 🙂 I can’t wait! We also have lots going on with a whole new re-branding effort with our business and have a new website to launch as well. It’s going to be busy!

So it’s goodbye to (if you are a client and have perfect eyesight, you may be able to spot one of your images in there :-P)

Welcome 2010!!

G&K Engagement Session

Looong Post Ahead!    🙂

Last week while we were still enjoying relatively warm weather for November, we did an engagement session for G&K. They were absolutely perfect to photograph, willing to go along with any of our ideas and they had a few ideas of their own as well! We had a lot of fun and the results are just beautiful! I love all the contrast and color we got!

similar to the one posted in the sneak peek…I loved the  contrast of colors with the chair and her jacket in this beautiful field!

Can’t you just see the love?! 🙂

some ring shots

Doesn’t this last one remind you a bit of Twilight?!

Thanks guys, we had so  much fun and we’re looking forward to your wedding in August! All the best in your planning and preparations!

Baby N: Little Angel

A few more of Baby N.

He was so good to us, not a peep outta him the whole time. I think we wore him out though, look how sleepy he was when we left 🙂

M&V Baby Session

M&V Baby Session1045

I loved his belly button, it’s  just so perfect and cute.

M&V Baby Session1046

I loved this shot of Steff’s. I think I am jealous cause my 50mm 1.4 would never let me get this shot. But I still refuse to take it off my camera 🙂

M&V Baby Session

Tomorrow we meet N’s new cousin for her first photoshoot, can’t wait!

Sneak Peek: Sweet Baby N

I have never finished editing a session so quickly. This little guy was such a doll! During our whole two hour session, he never cried, no matter how much we handled him. We got some great shots, but this is one of my faves, despite  some graininess. In fact, that might be why I love it even more. There is something about this image that is irresistible to me. Doesn’t he look so peaceful?!

M&V Baby Session

Sneak Peek: My gorgeous sister

So this is my little sis and she is one of the most beautiful people that I know. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside. She has a special quality about her that everyone loves. She is kind and loving, she will do just about anything for anyone,  and she has a strong faith in the LORD to top it off.

I love my sis… and I am scared that she will never come back from her trip to Australia this January. So I thought I would take her out and get some pictures for my kids to remember her by…just kidding! She’s promised to come back and we’ll hold her to that.

We had so much fun on this shoot. This girl has GREAT fashion sense + an incredibly large wardrobe + lots of shoes. We drove around all over the place finding the perfect locations. In the end, despite the high winds and the freezing temperatures,  I had hundreds of photos that I LOVED and I edited them down to about 70…but I simply can’t pick which ones to blog about! There are so many great images. So I think over the next while, whenever I get the chance, I will be adding more to the blog.

For now, here are some of my faves:

Kiks Photo Session

Kiks Photo Session

See what I mean?! Positively gorgeous!

Kiks Photo Session

P&J Wedding Celebration: Part 2

Image overload! I had such a hard time deciding which images to blog, so… there’s a lot. 😀

P&J Wedding-3805_b&w copy

P&J chose to see each other earlier on in the day and I just love this series we captured. It was such a sweet, personal moment and it really helps us to get more images of the bride and groom together and helps the day to flow a little more smoothly.

P&J Storyboard

Steff got this great shot of the grooms pin (see the  story behind this in the previous post)

P&J Wedding

Another favorite of mine, the gorgeous bride:

P&J Wedding

After  portraits at the bride’s parents home, we moved on to Jordan Valley, a beautiful area in Niagara’s Wine Country. The flower girl came with us, and Steff and I could not resist her gorgeous eyes and hair! She is just so beautiful.

P&J Wedding-4297_b&w copy

P&J Wedding

The couple:

P&J Wedding

The family:

P&J Wedding

Wow. This one just blew me away when I first saw it.

P&J Wedding

I love this one of Steff’s:

P&J Wedding

And last but not least: I just love this image, so cute 🙂

P&J Wedding