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It’s kind of random…

Here’s the prelude to my story: Steff and I were fortunate enough to get away from the lovely cold weather here in Ontario for a week. We went on a cruise in the Caribbean with our family and had an amazing time! Arriving in Miami, we were waiting for our shuttle to our hotel when I noticed a tall dark guy who looked very familiar. After looking at the group he was traveling with, I was positive it was who I thought it was, and so I walked up to him and asked, are you Dave? Very random and not at all a thing I would normally do…. but I’m so glad I did.Β  It was Dave Biesse and Charlotte Leonard of Dave and Charlotte Photography. They are incredible photographers whose work we have been following for a long time now (check out their blog here: http://www.daveandcharlotte.com/ ). It was so fun to meet them! We talked for a bit and discovered that we were going to be on the same cruise as well. Anyways, they shot this incredible beach wedding for friends of theirs in St. Thomas and also a Trash the Dress session inΒ  Grand Turk. You can see some of the shots on Dave’s Facebook Profile, they are beautiful. I’m not sure when they’ll be on the blog. Steff and I wanted to follow them around all week and soak up all their knowledge, but we resisted the urge to irritate them πŸ™‚ I wanted to get a picture with them to post here, but Steff and IΒ  were feeling all ugly at the airport after traveling and didn’t dare ask later on….maybe next time πŸ™‚

Anyways, can’t leave this post without a picture! Here’s one from our incredible trip!

This was taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is such a beautiful island and so rich in history. We spent most of our day there visiting the fort that is pictured here, it actually spans a good part of the shoreline and took over 250 years to build. Some of the views from the towers and lookout points were just absolutely incredible. Makes me want to move there…


D&L Family Session

This family session took place at the beach in beautiful Spencer Smith Park, after the R&J family session I blogged about earlier. This couple and their beautiful children are part of our close group of friends and it all started back in high school.

L is the most vibrant, loving and thoughtful person you’ll ever meet. She was always the bubbly, energetic kid who chatted constantly. She is so sweet and genuine, if you know her, you love her. Her hubby is the perfect match for her in his calm, practical and smart ways. They are always so fun to be with and L & I have spent hours discussing how to best raise our children or grow our gardens πŸ˜‰

Here is their beautiful family:

D&L Family Storyboard

Their daughter K, has a special friend named Bobo and he had to be in a few pictures…

(p.s. check out those eyelashes on the second image…gorgeous!)

D&L Family Storyboard 2

J&R Family Session

Steff and I are part of a close group of four girls that bonded in the last year of high school. From different areas and different groups of friends, the four of us found each other and our different personalities all somehow clicked and balanced each other to create a friendship that has lasted years; through graduation, college, jobs, marriages and kids. Without these friends I don’t know where we’d be. Our husbands all get along so great and the kids love to play together. It actually seems as our families grow larger, we see each other more πŸ™‚

Recently we took these two beautiful families out on a somewhat chilly day for family sessions. The results are beautiful and maybe a little more so to us as they represent people we love so much.

I’ll start with J&R and their sweet little munchkin. She is just over 1 year and such a tiny little thing! She was born the exact same weight as my daughter Eden (7 lbs, 1 oz), and is actually 6 days older, and now she’s about half of Eden’s size πŸ™‚

J&R Family Session

J&R Family Session

This one just makes me laugh…

J&R Family Session

Next year we will be drawing another little one in the sand… yay!

J&R Family Session

J&R Family Session

J&R Family Session

I’ll be posting D&L’s Family Session this week as well…stay tuned πŸ™‚

D&L Belly Session

Now I finally get to tell this great story! πŸ™‚

So one day a couple of weeks ago,Β  we got an E-mail from D, asking if we could please help him surprise his wife with pictures. He had it all planned out.Β  He was supposed to be in Toronto for the weekend working, so when he showed up at her mother’s house, dressed up and with her clothes in hand, she was definitely surprised! He thought of everything, her clothes, the location, even the time of day for the best light! It was just so sweet!

It was so fun to be a part of it all and we had such a great time together! She’s a lucky girl, for sure, and they’re going to be such great parents. Thanks guys, it was awesome and we can’t wait to meet the little one next!

D&L Belly Session

D&L Belly Session

D&L Belly Session

This is hot! Seriously!

D&L Belly Session

D&L Belly Session


This session was so much fun and there were so many great images. Now that they have their images, I am excited to post more from their session here.

Pregnant bellies are just so beautiful…

B & C Belly Session112



We ended the session with some ice cream…so good! This is a cute series shot just before we left. I love the pregnancy humor here πŸ˜‰


Can’t wait to meet their little one next!


Sneak Peek – Belly Session

So it has been a crazy busy week, but I know they are waiting so here are two fantastic images for now!

C is one beautiful momma-to-be and was willing to try anything!Thanks to her hubby, who followed her lead and grabbed whatever we needed and smiled when asked. It was so nice to work with adults who do exactly what you wantΒ  (instead of kids who just make you follow them around in hopes of a smile =D …oh, they rule the world and they know it!)

Here she is:

B & C Belly Session190_bv copy

and another I love so much:

B & C Belly Session146_sunsetsilhouette copy

There were so many great images, we will definitely be posting more!

Thanks again guys, it was great working with you!