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It’s official, we’ve moved!

I have been working like crazy lately creating new fun stuff for our business…we set a deadline for ourselves of March 1, 2010- the official “re-opening” of Creative Clicks Photography. We have had a new logo created, new business cards, brochures, website and blog- and it’s all so fun! It perfectly represents us and our work and we couldn’t be prouder. Tonight I finally finished the last touches on our new blog, you can visit it at

So, a couple of things:

1. If you are a subscriber to this blog (I hope you are 😉 ), be sure to switch over to the new feed. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you should! It’s the best thing out there on the web to keep you totally updated with all your favorite blogs. Every time your subscribed blog updates with a new post, you will be notified. I would try to explain it all myself, but here’s a link that will do it better 😉

2. If you have the chance, be sure to come by our display at the Mom 2 Mom sale on Saturday, March 6. It’s gonna be a HUGE show with over 45 moms and some trades as well. Last year was our first year and we had over 500 people come through so be sure to come by early! The show is from 9-12, located at John Calvin School – 320 Station Street, Smithville, ON. We will be having a drawing for a free session and there’ll be lots of other great deals at the show as well!

3. The website is up and live as well, there’s a link on the blog, but I’ll add it here as well:

4. Thank you so much for following us, this business has grown thanks to you and we are so proud, so happy, so in love with what we do and we’re thankful for your support. We couldn’t do it without you. Be sure to check out the blog, and the website, leave comments too if you see something you like 😉 We love to hear from you.

xo Tamsen and Steff


It’s kind of random…

Here’s the prelude to my story: Steff and I were fortunate enough to get away from the lovely cold weather here in Ontario for a week. We went on a cruise in the Caribbean with our family and had an amazing time! Arriving in Miami, we were waiting for our shuttle to our hotel when I noticed a tall dark guy who looked very familiar. After looking at the group he was traveling with, I was positive it was who I thought it was, and so I walked up to him and asked, are you Dave? Very random and not at all a thing I would normally do…. but I’m so glad I did.  It was Dave Biesse and Charlotte Leonard of Dave and Charlotte Photography. They are incredible photographers whose work we have been following for a long time now (check out their blog here: ). It was so fun to meet them! We talked for a bit and discovered that we were going to be on the same cruise as well. Anyways, they shot this incredible beach wedding for friends of theirs in St. Thomas and also a Trash the Dress session in  Grand Turk. You can see some of the shots on Dave’s Facebook Profile, they are beautiful. I’m not sure when they’ll be on the blog. Steff and I wanted to follow them around all week and soak up all their knowledge, but we resisted the urge to irritate them 🙂 I wanted to get a picture with them to post here, but Steff and I  were feeling all ugly at the airport after traveling and didn’t dare ask later on….maybe next time 🙂

Anyways, can’t leave this post without a picture! Here’s one from our incredible trip!

This was taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is such a beautiful island and so rich in history. We spent most of our day there visiting the fort that is pictured here, it actually spans a good part of the shoreline and took over 250 years to build. Some of the views from the towers and lookout points were just absolutely incredible. Makes me want to move there…

Custom cards and: some exciting news!!

Now that all of our sessions are done and done for the year 2009, (I hope all you clients enjoyed your gift?!) I thought I’d post some recent announcements I have done for some of our clients and others who are not photography clients, but needed cards.

Yes, I do create custom cards for anyone, not just photography clients. No, I am not offended if someone else did your pictures, I am more than happy to create a design that you will be proud to hand out to your family and friends! There are quite a few Christmas designs this year that I love as well, but seeing as everyone might not yet have handed out their cards, I’ll leave that post for later.

These first two you will recognize if you have seen some recent posts, we loved photographing these gorgeous baby girls!

This sweet little girl was photographed by her mother, Danyse VanDam, as was the baby boy in the next announcement.

As for the other exciting news?! Well, we are so excited about the growth Creative Clicks Photography has experienced with less than one year in business, and so 2010 promises much more fun as we will be changing a few things around as well.

Currently, we have a new logo and website in the works, there will also be some pricing changes which will take effect only after the website is launched (*if you have already booked your session to take place in 2010, current prices will remain the same).

We hope you continue to follow us in our journey, we will definitely be keeping everyone up to date through this blog and the Facebook Fan Page as well. By the way, if you do want to get updates on our blog posts as soon as they’re posted, you can either subscribe to our RSS feed, or become a Fan on our Page. There’s a link on the side of the blog you can click which will direct you to the Page.

We are having so much fun meeting everyone and getting to know all of our amazing clients, all our thanks goes to you for the opportunity to do what we LOVE, photograph YOU!

G&K Engagement Session

Looong Post Ahead!    🙂

Last week while we were still enjoying relatively warm weather for November, we did an engagement session for G&K. They were absolutely perfect to photograph, willing to go along with any of our ideas and they had a few ideas of their own as well! We had a lot of fun and the results are just beautiful! I love all the contrast and color we got!

similar to the one posted in the sneak peek…I loved the  contrast of colors with the chair and her jacket in this beautiful field!

Can’t you just see the love?! 🙂

some ring shots

Doesn’t this last one remind you a bit of Twilight?!

Thanks guys, we had so  much fun and we’re looking forward to your wedding in August! All the best in your planning and preparations!

P&J Wedding Celebration: Part 2

Image overload! I had such a hard time deciding which images to blog, so… there’s a lot. 😀

P&J Wedding-3805_b&w copy

P&J chose to see each other earlier on in the day and I just love this series we captured. It was such a sweet, personal moment and it really helps us to get more images of the bride and groom together and helps the day to flow a little more smoothly.

P&J Storyboard

Steff got this great shot of the grooms pin (see the  story behind this in the previous post)

P&J Wedding

Another favorite of mine, the gorgeous bride:

P&J Wedding

After  portraits at the bride’s parents home, we moved on to Jordan Valley, a beautiful area in Niagara’s Wine Country. The flower girl came with us, and Steff and I could not resist her gorgeous eyes and hair! She is just so beautiful.

P&J Wedding-4297_b&w copy

P&J Wedding

The couple:

P&J Wedding

The family:

P&J Wedding

Wow. This one just blew me away when I first saw it.

P&J Wedding

I love this one of Steff’s:

P&J Wedding

And last but not least: I just love this image, so cute 🙂

P&J Wedding

P & J Wedding Celebration-Sneak Peek

Nearly two weeks ago now, on a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon, P & J, together with their daughter and their families, celebrated their marriage. We were honored to be asked to document their day. We had lots of fun with the two of you and we enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

It was wonderful to once again have the bride and groom see each other  early on, and enjoy a private moment together before the celebrating began! Such sweet moments together. The rest of the day was filled love and laughter, it was beautiful to be a part of it all.

We know you guys are waiting to see some of your images from your  day, well, here are just a few 🙂 There’ll be many more to come here on the blog, you were just so photogenic!

The gorgeous bride: I planned on putting this one on the blog in colour, but I was won over by the classic beauty of black and white 🙂

P&J Wedding-3891_b&w copy

The dapper groom…heelllllooooo (inside joke)

P&J Wedding-4051 copy

Now this next one I thought was so thoughtful, a nice touch. The bride has Dutch background and actually knew the groom in Canada, but their story really began when she visited Holland. The flag pin with the flags intertwined is so symbolic of them and was a gift to the groom from his new father-in-law (who also wore a matching pin that day). Oh, and I love bowties, they’re so cool.

P&J Wedding-4064 copy

P&J Wedding-3808 copy

A Beautiful Country Wedding

On Friday, September 11, 2009, two people were united in marriage. It was a beautiful day and Steff and I were so honoured to be a part of it.

R is a good friend and a beautiful person, inside and out. Together with D, the two of you make a perfect pair. As we photographed the First Look, the first time the two of you saw each other on your wedding day, it was apparent how strong your love for each other is. D’s face just broke out in this massive smile, it was so sweet! It was such a beautiful moment, it makes me wish I had done this on my own wedding day.

Here are a few images of your day:

D&R Wedding Colour Storyboard

D&R Wedding B&W Storyboard

And of course, we can’t forget the incredible ending to this perfect day:

D&R Wedding Fireworks Storyboard

Thanks for rocking the camera guys! We had so much fun with you and wish you all the best in your married life!