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It’s official, we’ve moved!

I have been working like crazy lately creating new fun stuff for our business…we set a deadline for ourselves of March 1, 2010- the official “re-opening” of Creative Clicks Photography. We have had a new logo created, new business cards, brochures, website and blog- and it’s all so fun! It perfectly represents us and our work and we couldn’t be prouder. Tonight I finally finished the last touches on our new blog, you can visit it at

So, a couple of things:

1. If you are a subscriber to this blog (I hope you are πŸ˜‰ ), be sure to switch over to the new feed. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you should! It’s the best thing out there on the web to keep you totally updated with all your favorite blogs. Every time your subscribed blog updates with a new post, you will be notified. I would try to explain it all myself, but here’s a link that will do it better πŸ˜‰

2. If you have the chance, be sure to come by our display at the Mom 2 Mom sale on Saturday, March 6. It’s gonna be a HUGE show with over 45 moms and some trades as well. Last year was our first year and we had over 500 people come through so be sure to come by early! The show is from 9-12, located at John Calvin School – 320 Station Street, Smithville, ON. We will be having a drawing for a free session and there’ll be lots of other great deals at the show as well!

3. The website is up and live as well, there’s a link on the blog, but I’ll add it here as well:

4. Thank you so much for following us, this business has grown thanks to you and we are so proud, so happy, so in love with what we do and we’re thankful for your support. We couldn’t do it without you. Be sure to check out the blog, and the website, leave comments too if you see something you like πŸ˜‰ We love to hear from you.

xo Tamsen and Steff


Just a reminder…

I know this beautiful weather we have been experiencing lately is a little deceiving, but yes, Christmas IS coming!

If you still need to order Christmas cards, please do so as soon as possible so I can have them to you in plenty of time for you to send them out in time as well.

And if you find yourself without any family pictures to use in your card, contact us and we will do our best to squeeze you in for a mini-session.

I will end this post with a picture I love, taken during the gorgeousΒ  warm weather we had last week!

My sister: Part 1

I have decided to break down all these images from my beautiful sister’s session into three parts, so here is part 1.

We started in Burlington, at an old abandoned garage. I loved the peeling blue paint and the great texture we got here. There was a problem with incredibly high winds, as I’ve mentioned before, but we worked through it, and it made for lots of laughs as hair and leaves flew around and whipped us in the face… πŸ˜› But as long as she kept her hair in place and I kept from shaking from the cold, we managed to get these images, which I love.

Kiks Photo Session

Kiks Photo Session

I love how her scarf adds some great punchy color in the next one:

Kiks Photo Session

Kiks Photo Session

From there we drove just down the road, on our way to getting lost(!), when we came across this great building. I love the classic lines, not that you can see much of the building in these images. I loved too many of these to narrow them down any further, so I put them in this storyboard.

Kiks Storyboard 5 Image

Thanks for looking πŸ™‚

Part 2 coming soon.

D&L Family Session

This family session took place at the beach in beautiful Spencer Smith Park, after the R&J family session I blogged about earlier. This couple and their beautiful children are part of our close group of friends and it all started back in high school.

L is the most vibrant, loving and thoughtful person you’ll ever meet. She was always the bubbly, energetic kid who chatted constantly. She is so sweet and genuine, if you know her, you love her. Her hubby is the perfect match for her in his calm, practical and smart ways. They are always so fun to be with and L & I have spent hours discussing how to best raise our children or grow our gardens πŸ˜‰

Here is their beautiful family:

D&L Family Storyboard

Their daughter K, has a special friend named Bobo and he had to be in a few pictures…

(p.s. check out those eyelashes on the second image…gorgeous!)

D&L Family Storyboard 2

Sneak Peek: My gorgeous sister

So this is my little sis and she is one of the most beautiful people that I know. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside. She has a special quality about her that everyone loves. She is kind and loving, she will do just about anything for anyone,Β  and she has a strong faith in the LORD to top it off.

I love my sis… and I am scared that she will never come back from her trip to Australia this January. So I thought I would take her out and get some pictures for my kids to remember her by…just kidding! She’s promised to come back and we’ll hold her to that.

We had so much fun on this shoot. This girl has GREAT fashion sense + an incredibly large wardrobe + lots of shoes. We drove around all over the place finding the perfect locations. In the end, despite the high winds and the freezing temperatures,Β  I had hundreds of photos that I LOVED and I edited them down to about 70…but I simply can’t pick which ones to blog about! There are so many great images. So I think over the next while, whenever I get the chance, I will be adding more to the blog.

For now, here are some of my faves:

Kiks Photo Session

Kiks Photo Session

See what I mean?! Positively gorgeous!

Kiks Photo Session

D&L Belly Session

Now I finally get to tell this great story! πŸ™‚

So one day a couple of weeks ago,Β  we got an E-mail from D, asking if we could please help him surprise his wife with pictures. He had it all planned out.Β  He was supposed to be in Toronto for the weekend working, so when he showed up at her mother’s house, dressed up and with her clothes in hand, she was definitely surprised! He thought of everything, her clothes, the location, even the time of day for the best light! It was just so sweet!

It was so fun to be a part of it all and we had such a great time together! She’s a lucky girl, for sure, and they’re going to be such great parents. Thanks guys, it was awesome and we can’t wait to meet the little one next!

D&L Belly Session

D&L Belly Session

D&L Belly Session

This is hot! Seriously!

D&L Belly Session

D&L Belly Session

Surprises make me happy

There’s a great story behind D & L’s Belly session, but I’ll have to tell you that next post. For now, here’s a sneak peak!

The light was awesome and I have yet to go through the whole session, but already I have found some incredible images.

I love pregnant round bellies πŸ™‚

D&L Belly Session