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Another beautiful baby girl

Introducing Baby E- a sweet little girl who just didn’t wanna sleep!

We tried everything, every trick we knew, but she just didn’t want to miss out on all the action! Well, we still managed to get a few sleeping shots as well as some sweet, curious, eyes-wide-open shots. What a doll she was….How lucky are we to get to hold and snuggle with all these newborns? I am just loving it!

Big yawns!

Sweet eyelashes…

Enjoy your preview D&L, your pics will be ready soon!


Baby N: Little Angel

A few more of Baby N.

He was so good to us, not a peep outta him the whole time. I think we wore him out though, look how sleepy he was when we left 🙂

M&V Baby Session

M&V Baby Session1045

I loved his belly button, it’s  just so perfect and cute.

M&V Baby Session1046

I loved this shot of Steff’s. I think I am jealous cause my 50mm 1.4 would never let me get this shot. But I still refuse to take it off my camera 🙂

M&V Baby Session

Tomorrow we meet N’s new cousin for her first photoshoot, can’t wait!

Sneak Peek: Princess B has arrived!

We got to meet this little sweetie today, it was so fun to see her in all her newness(only 4 days old). Thanks to her Mommy and Daddy for coming out and being so relaxed and letting us do our thing. You guys have been the best clients ever 🙂

B&C Baby Session

Sweet baby boy

Remember this beautiful expectant couple?

J & L Belly Session

Well, they welcomed Baby C into the world on July 28 (9 days after his due date)! He is such a sweet, perfect little boy, and looks so much like his daddy! We loved getting to meet him, and we wish you both all the best as you raise this little one in faith.

Here he is:

J & L Baby Session

J & L Baby Session

J & L Baby Session

He has the greatest little mohawk, so adorable!

J & L Baby Session

And one more of the little feetsies…I just love all the little newborn flaky skin!

J & L Baby Session

Summer Lovin’…….a sneak peek into my camping trip!


Baby A is my cousins child.  I told her I would not stop snapping my camera at him until I could really capture how huge his eyelashes are….I think you can see in this one!!!




He just loved getting dirty in the sand and water!!


And of course I had to put some in of my little water rat.


Pretty curls……..sigh.

New card designs available

Check out some new designs on my Flickr page. More will be added soon!

Here’s one of my favourites:

so loved

Our Sweet Girlies…


Greg and I have been so blessed with our two daughters…life as we knew it is definitely different now, but it is filled with an inexpressible joy, with unending love and laughter and memories as sweet as their little faces. If I could freeze them in time, right now, I would. But instead, these pictures will have to remind us of these precious times. When we are older, I am sure we will look back on these and remember. We are so thankful to God for these blessings and are so thankful that we can have these pictures as reminders of time that is moving so quickly. We continue to look forward to watching them grow and celebrating new things with them…making new memories together!

Kyara Jordan, age 30 months





 and our baby, Eden Jade, 9 months already!

I love the one tooth, right in the middle…she’s had it for almost 3 months now and I’ve been trying to get a picture of it forever!






Those are our beautiful babies, our princesses! xo