It’s kind of random…

Here’s the prelude to my story: Steff and I were fortunate enough to get away from the lovely cold weather here in Ontario for a week. We went on a cruise in the Caribbean with our family and had an amazing time! Arriving in Miami, we were waiting for our shuttle to our hotel when I noticed a tall dark guy who looked very familiar. After looking at the group he was traveling with, I was positive it was who I thought it was, and so I walked up to him and asked, are you Dave? Very random and not at all a thing I would normally do…. but I’m so glad I did.  It was Dave Biesse and Charlotte Leonard of Dave and Charlotte Photography. They are incredible photographers whose work we have been following for a long time now (check out their blog here: ). It was so fun to meet them! We talked for a bit and discovered that we were going to be on the same cruise as well. Anyways, they shot this incredible beach wedding for friends of theirs in St. Thomas and also a Trash the Dress session in  Grand Turk. You can see some of the shots on Dave’s Facebook Profile, they are beautiful. I’m not sure when they’ll be on the blog. Steff and I wanted to follow them around all week and soak up all their knowledge, but we resisted the urge to irritate them 🙂 I wanted to get a picture with them to post here, but Steff and I  were feeling all ugly at the airport after traveling and didn’t dare ask later on….maybe next time 🙂

Anyways, can’t leave this post without a picture! Here’s one from our incredible trip!

This was taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is such a beautiful island and so rich in history. We spent most of our day there visiting the fort that is pictured here, it actually spans a good part of the shoreline and took over 250 years to build. Some of the views from the towers and lookout points were just absolutely incredible. Makes me want to move there…


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  1. I LOVE Dave and Charlotte! Dave shot a bunch of those pics in my facebook from my “model shoot” I was a model for one of their workshops – it was the funnest experience!!!

  2. I knew that picture the minute I saw it…of course, its my beautiful Puerto Rico. My family moved to PR when I was 14. I’ve lived here ever since…although I live on the west coast of PR (about 3 hours from SJ) my family and I enjoy traveling to SJ just to enjoy the view.

  3. wow Elsa, you are lucky to have lived in such a beautiful place…I would have loved to stay longer!

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