Clickin Moms

Well,  we’re back from our incredible vacay and I have lots of pics to share….but first I have to tell you all about this incredible forum.

I know I’ve written about them before, but I’m not sure I passed on all the real good info…. such as, did you know you can make money simply by being a part of this incredible group of women, and learning more about photography?! It’s true! You will learn so much as a photographer, or a mom with a camera (MWAC), and you can earn money simply by telling others about the site and having them join. It’s called an affiliate program, and it’s really easy.  You will earn 20% for each person you refer to Clickin’ Moms.  At that rate, you will only need to refer 5 new members for Clickin’ Moms to pay for itself. Plus, you will get that money again each year that person renews their subscription! (and they will, this site is amazing!)

Right now, Clickin Moms is having a sale, membership costs $27 for 6 months using discount code FRIEND to save 10%.  After you join, you can post links and graphics to Clickin’ Moms from your blog or website.

Right now, Clickin Moms is having a great contest. Which I want to win, by the way!  If you refer 10 new members, you will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card in addition to your commission.  Refer 25 new members, and you will receive a $50 ITunes gift card plus the Starbucks gift card.  The prizes increase all the way to 400 members.

Besides the awesome affiliate program, why would you want to join? Well, they have over 4000 people in the forum right now, and it’s only been around for a year. Some of these photographers are incredible professionals who are willing to teach you all that you need to know. Others are simply beginners and others still are just moms who want to know more about taking good pictures. There is just so much to learn! You can receive feedback on your images, get answers to your questions, or take part in the incredible workshops and contests held there.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me~ I’d be happy to answer your questions! And if you do decide to join, be sure to click on the banner in the sidebar of my blog,  and you can help me win this contest 😉


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