P & J Wedding Celebration-Sneak Peek

Nearly two weeks ago now, on a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon, P & J, together with their daughter and their families, celebrated their marriage. We were honored to be asked to document their day. We had lots of fun with the two of you and we enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

It was wonderful to once again have the bride and groom see each other  early on, and enjoy a private moment together before the celebrating began! Such sweet moments together. The rest of the day was filled love and laughter, it was beautiful to be a part of it all.

We know you guys are waiting to see some of your images from your  day, well, here are just a few 🙂 There’ll be many more to come here on the blog, you were just so photogenic!

The gorgeous bride: I planned on putting this one on the blog in colour, but I was won over by the classic beauty of black and white 🙂

P&J Wedding-3891_b&w copy

The dapper groom…heelllllooooo (inside joke)

P&J Wedding-4051 copy

Now this next one I thought was so thoughtful, a nice touch. The bride has Dutch background and actually knew the groom in Canada, but their story really began when she visited Holland. The flag pin with the flags intertwined is so symbolic of them and was a gift to the groom from his new father-in-law (who also wore a matching pin that day). Oh, and I love bowties, they’re so cool.

P&J Wedding-4064 copy

P&J Wedding-3808 copy


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