Moments captured

This year Greg and I went up to Chesley Lake again with our family…this includes my Opa and Oma, 4 of my Mom’s siblings and their families. It’s quite a gathering! We all have our own cottages but we often go boating together or shopping, maybe visit Sauble Beach and every night we enjoy t-ball, baseball and volleyball in the centre of the camp.

We have been going here for a long time, I believe close to 25 years?! The moments captured here are ones that we all hold close to our hearts, and it’s so wonderful to see the families growing up together.

I wanted to share some of the images that really spoke to me.

Chesley Lake 2009_ (8) copy

Ahhh, early morning…realities of having young kids on holidays. At least you can enjoy the morning sun!


Here Kyara is spending some time with her (second) fave guy in the world…Uncle Malachi (or Chi-Chi). She copies everything he does and follows him everywhere like a little puppy dog. It’s so cute!

Chesley Lake 2009_ (21)

This was taken around 9/10 pm. Summer days last forever!

And last but not least, this image from Sauble Beach. I love it!

Chesley Lake 2009_(53) copy

Now not all of these were even taken by me, as my camera seemed to get passed around a bit :-S

But I love all the surprises I got when I uploaded my pictures. And now I can’t wait to go back again!

Tamsen ♥


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  1. LOVE the photo of the little girl in the black/white dress. Adorable!

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