Well, not really, but we are excited about it anyway!

The last session we did was for A (see the post two down). She’s a great dentist in Welland and she wanted updated shots of her kids, as well as something she could use for her advertisements in the local newspapers every week.

We had taken some outdoor pictures a week after the previous session had been rained out in order to give her a wide variety to choose from. In the end, this was the shot she chose.

M Family Children 210 b&w copy

 And here it is in print. Not quite the same quality… but still cute!

scan0001 copy copy

 There were a couple of other shots we took that morning that I just have to post, cause these kids are way too cute!

M Family Children 242 b&w copy

M Family Children 225PP

M Family Children 237 b&w copy

M Family Children 221 b&w copy

Coming up… my family session on the beach.


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  1. Congrats! Very exciting:)

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