Four super cute kids…

on a rainy day. Well, it makes things interesting!

We thought Saturday morning was a writeoff after seeing the torrents of rain in Smithville, but after calling ahead, we found out it was still dry at our location. Unfortunately, upon arrival we found that the  rain had followed us all the way 😦

So we went ahead with our plans, setting up inside instead. But rain seems to make kids crazy 😉 and we had fun trying to get these little ones to sit still for pictures!

However, I think these images truly represent the beautiful kids they are! You should be proud Mom!

This is big brother G. looking all grown up!

M Family Children101b&w

And Mommy’s helper, K…she had a loose tooth that wanted to come out so bad!

But it waited until the next day to fall out. I think it’s so cute 🙂

M Family Children112b&w

Next up is little M. His big brown eyes and long lashes melt my heart.

M Family Children105b&w

And finally, gorgeous baby sister, E. Isn’t she so cute?!

M Family Children119b&w

Here is all four of them…

M Family Children124PP

So on another note, you may have noticed the new format for the pictures. We are going to  watermark our photos to protect all of our hard work and the privacy of our clients. The last thing we want is a situation like this ( that I recently read about on another photographers blog. We have also changed the resolution of uploaded photos so that they cannot be printed in a good quality. This will help with the stealing issue (I hope!) as well as make them quicker for you to view!

I hope you like it! Please let me know via a comment or E-mail, if you think the pictures are too pixelated, they still have to look good! 😀



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  1. These turned out so cute! Too bad about the rain though:( I really like the frame with the logo underneath, and thanks for the link to it. I’ll file it away for later:)

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