Maternity Pictures

So Steff and I wanted to post some more pics we have taken in the past…these are not for clients but of ourselves 🙂 I took Steff’s when she was pregnant with her daughter Trinity and she returned the favor when I was pregnant with my second daughter, Eden.

Starting with Steff…these pictures were taken last March…


A little bit of baby love…


Steff did such a fantastic job on the pictures she did for me, I just LOVE them! And the location was beautiful as well, I felt like I was at a resort.  These pictures were taken at 38 weeks, we managed to just squeeze them in the week before Eden was born! LOL…procrastination is something I need to work on! I didn’t even have the baby seat out of the basement when I went into labour…





Maternity pictures are so beautiful to look back on…to remember the joy and anticipation you were feeling…the excitement to meet the new little one…and pregnant women are just SO gorgeous!

Contact us if you are interested in doing a maternity shoot, or if you’d like to work out a package for maternity and newborn shoots!


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